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In 1989, the first Articles de Paris shop opened its doors near Paris. Entirely dedicated to accessories, this place won quickly fashionconscious customers at the forefront of the latest trends. Its renown was built up little by little, solidly relying on an innovative concept and a strong image.

Since, 25 shops opened in France, radiantly confirming its popularly and success.

In 2014, Articles de Paris imagined an unusual architectural concept to reinforce its brand image and to showcase its values and level of requirement. This concept was presented to the public in May 2014, in a brand new Qwartz shopping center. This shop is the most representative of the brand and it was design to display accessories with elegance. By this way customers are well accompany.

In 2014, Articles de Paris chose to inforce its brand image clearer and more readable thanks to a new logo and a visual identity that magnifies its values. The typography and the black color are codes of luxury, used in order to express desire to expand its range.

In September 2014, a new editorial website will be launched, entirely devoted to the brand ( A refurbished version of its e-commerce site will also be revealed. Thus, Articles de Paris its identity to reinforce its visibility and give its partners real strength, for flawless commercial development.


Articles de Paris is proud to be the forerunner of a concept by creating the first shops completely devoted to fashion accessories in France. For more than 20 years, the brand has cultivated the basics of its concept and has quickly reached its market.

The brand has become a recognized and renowned play in the sector thanks to a strong, unique, patiently-built brand identity. By offering timeless basics and fashionable accessories, Articles de Paris represents French elegance, and tirelessly seeks out the best products and the best prices. Customers can find all accessories to complete and complement an outfit in one place.

The collections are constantly renewed to keep up with fashion, so the customer can always find the most fashionable product and can change things up. Whether for an impulse purchase or a well-thought out gift, women can find the perfect accessory for themselves or gift to others.

As lovers of fashion and design, Articles de Paris proposes now to develop its concept, which will help to affirm its continuous search for excellence. By putting value in its experience and image, the brand has shown its desire to be in tune with its time and its customers. Its great adaptability has helped it to keep up with market trends to offer the latest products in all categories of accessories. Articles de Paris has found a steady balance in the regular renewal of its products.


In order to always be at the forefront of fashion and design, Articles de Paris keeps a constant lookout over all the products in its collections, from purses to jewelry to scarves, shoes, belts and hats.

The team of designers travels regularly to find out about trends all over the world, and they are now experts in creating products that are sought by customers, no matter the type of accessory desires or the occasion it is for. Creating fashion accessories implies being in the lead and knowing the latest trends perfectly.

Articles de Paris cultivates precise knowledge of the market in order to anticipate fashion. Each collection highlights the brand’s ability to adapt to the market and its trends. The accessories are exclusive products designed by the brand or its partners. They showcase the brand’s expertise in accessory design and manufacture.

The brand has built its collections to surprise women and to attract their curiosity. Offering much more than mere accessories, the collections of Articles de Paris make each woman beautiful. The brand highlights French values: a chic, elegant woman who can choose freely.


Articles de Paris has been able to preserve its values and to expand its experience thanks to ambitious, yet purposeful development. Today, the brand possesses many advantages to reach wide-scale development in France and abroad. The locations of the shops have been carefully chosen in city centers or at the heart of shopping center, helping each of them to gain notoriety quickly.

With several openings each year, Articles de Paris has adapted to the situations and locations they have selected. With a surface area of 45 to 65m², each new outlet will be reminiscent of the architectural model created in 2014 to showcase their accessories with elegance.

The brand is favorable to creating shops abroad, so it is studying the development of a franchise or master franchise. It wants to share its passion for accessories with new partners and to develop further its expertise as a designer and manufacturer.

With its confirmed notoriety on the market and thanks to solid experience, Articles de Paris also offers direct, high-quality commercial relations with professionals in the sector by developing a B2B branch through its showroom and its professional website.